Why am I not posting?

15 January 2012 1 comment

I haven’t posted in a good long while. I am sorry about that. I also haven’t built anything in a good long while either. Why? one reason:

This little guy came into my world in early November. Since then, I’ve been focusing on him and his mommy. I’ll get back to building soon, but he will continue to be my focus of attention for some time.


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Maybe a good source for a prop when the day comes?

21 October 2011 2 comments

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I prepped all the wood for the second L1 rib…

19 October 2011 Leave a comment

As I mentioned in my previous post, the second L1 rib gets the nose laid up in the inverse as the other L1 rib. I included a couple pictures below of how it goes together. No glue yet, just laying it out for the picture.

First, you place two small pieces of 3/16″ scrap under the nose of where the nose rib will go. Then you place two pieces of 3/16″ nose rib spacer stacked on the top and bottom.

You then put the nose rib in place. It will be flush with the top of the 5/8″ cap strips, and will be sitting level on all the double stacked 3/16″ spacers.

…another hour, maybe, probably a bunch less.

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Finished the second L3 rib, started the first L1 rib

16 October 2011 Leave a comment

The second L3 rib went together much like the first.

I started to prep the gussets and spruce for the L1 ribs, this is the root ribs. I’ll show this build in detail as I was left scratching my head when I saw the jig. It isn’t like any other rib.

The L1 rib in the jig:

This jig is different because it is a 5/8″ wide rib, but the nose rib is flush with the side of the spruce cap strips producing a flat end on the rib. This makes for a good surface to glue to later when covering the wing with fabric.

Materials to build up the nose rib to the height of the cap strip:

On one of the L1 ribs, you put the nose rib in the jig, then stack two 3/16′ spacers on top, then the 1/16″ gusset material goes on top. On the other rib, you build the reverse of the nose rib. You put two 3/16″ spacers in the jig first and then put the nose rib on top.

Everything stacked up:

The other difference with the L1 rib is that the material behind the front spar and on both sides of the rear spar is made of two pieces of 1/2×5/8″ spruce. This provides thicker material to make cut outs for the wing attach fittings and bolts.

Rear spar detail:

4.5 hours to finish the last L3 and start the L1 ribs prep work.

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First L3 rib glued up

20 August 2011 Leave a comment

One down, one to go. I also glued up another lower aileron rib.

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19 August 2011 Leave a comment

The nose rib of the compression ribs requires long staples as there is a spacer between the ply gusset and the routed plywood which makes up the contour of the leading edge.  I had ordered 5/8″ long staples for this purpose, but I found that they were too long.  The staples were going through the nose rib and were sticking into the jig below.  This made it rather hard to put the spacer and gusset on the back side since the staples were poking out of the nose rib.

5/8″ staples next to rib:

I ordered up some 1/2″ staples from Senco, part number A08BAB. They look like they will be plenty long, but won’t be too long (1/2″ compared to 5/8″):

The minimum order quantity is 20,000!!! That cost me about $50. Anyone who wants some, send an email. I’ll have about 19,000 extra when I am finished. I’d be happy to send you some.

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Still here…

19 August 2011 Leave a comment

Hello all,


Sorry for the ages of silence and lack of progress on my project.  I’d offer excuses, but you know what they say about excuses…  I cut and prepped all the wood for my next two ribs, L3.  This is the compression rib just inboard of the aileron.


Time:  2 hours.

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